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Private House Sale Package

You’re in charge of the sale all the way.

  • One low, upfront fee gives you great tools and benefits
  • Optional extras help you create a really professional sales campaign
  • We stay with you until your property is sold

Here’s what you do:

  • Write and upload your ad and photos using our simple template
  • Manage your ad online 24/7
  • Print your own promotional flyers
  • Install your signboards
  • Contact prospective buyers when we forward their details to you
  • Conduct the private property sale using our 10-step guide to selling your property
  • Email us if you have any queries about your sale. Remember – we stay with you until your property is sold!

See below for full list of inclusions

  • Terms & Conditions

    Once you join MasterSell and have set up your account, you may purchase the Agent Assisted Private Sale package and list your property on the MasterSell website. Your property will also be automatically listed on,, and As the owner‐seller you deal directly with potential buyers and MasterSell will manage the enquiries for your property (phone calls) and forward all potential buyer’s contact details directly to you either via text or email notification.

    You can display your contact details on the MasterSell website. However, you may not display your contact details on website.

    You agree to state the property selling price on the Listing order form for the purpose of being matched to potential buyers who register on our website for "with MasterMatch". Our matching criteria amongst other thing, is based on price. You can however opt for the price not to be displayed to viewers on our website and on

    The Agent Assisted Private Sale package includes:

    • 24/7 live answer service
    • Potential buyer’s contact details collected
    • 1 MasterSell signboard with our 1300 number
    • 1 Open for Inspection directional signboard (triangle)
    • 2 Open for Inspection street placement boards (A3)
    • 1 SOLD sticker for when you sell
    • Downloadable/printable property flyers
    • Solicitor, seller and buyer Forms for you to complete
    • Automatic email alert of your listing to buyers through MasterMatch

    When selecting this package, you can upgrade to a customised photo signboard for your property. The photo sign is printed and delivered to you direct.

    The information displayed on the photo sign for this package includes:

    • ​MasterSell 1300 number
    • website address
    • Seller’s contact number (mobile or landline)
    • Seller’s contact name
    • Sellers photo (optional)
    • Property description and subheading
    • 1 property photo

    Your customised property flyer can include all of your contact details. The “solicitor, seller and buyer Forms” we believe can assist the seller during the sale. Similar Forms are also used by the MasterSell agent during the sale process.

    PAYMENT: The customer agrees to pay for this listing upon placement of the order. If the customer chooses to pay using the cheque method, bank clearance must be confirmed by MasterSell Australia before the listing is displayed on Website AND and before delivery of goods (if any) are received by the customer. Please see full Terms and Conditions for further details on payment.

Please note: To commence your sale you must complete the Authority to List form and provide relevant ID.


Your account will be automatically set-up when you register and you’ll receive your user name and password to create your ad.

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Product Description

Here’s what you get:

List your property UNTIL SOLD on



24/7 exclusive live phone answer service

Never miss a call! We record and forward interested buyers’ details to you.


Master-Match Database of buyers

Automatic email alert of your listing to buyers through MasterMatch



Signage delivered straight to your door

  • 1 x Eye-catching lightweight sign board (90 cm wide x 120 cm high)

  • 1 x Open for Inspection directional sign board (triangle)

  • 2 x Open for Inspection street placement boards (A3)

  • 1 x SOLD sticker for when you sell



Seller guides on our website

  • Inspection Form – record details of potential buyers inspecting your property
  • Offer to Purchase Form – so your buyers can make a written offer
  • Notice of Sale Form – seller to complete and forward to solicitor when a buyer is found




Customised property flyers

  • Printable / Downloadable flyers direct from your home or office



PLUS peace of mind

The reassurance of knowing you can email us with any questions about your sale. We stay with you until your property is sold.