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Perth’s Best Business, Plant and Machinery and Property Valuation Company

Perth Property Valuers Metro is a team of expert senior property valuers with decades of experience in the industry. Each of our experts is certified by the Australian Tax Office and has over 20 years of experience in property valuation in Perth. Our team can provide highly comprehensive services for all purposes, including retrospective valuations. A standard valuation is slightly more involved than our standard services. Rather than relying on the current data coming from the market, our experts will instead look to find as much information as they can about similar properties from a designated time in the past. As an example, a client needed to know the amount of CGT they would have to pay after selling their long-time investment property. The only issue was that there was no known value of the property at the time it became an investment. Fortunately, our experts knew exactly what needed to be done and were able to calculate the retrospective value of the property.

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326 Hay Street PERTH, WA


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John Carter

Phone: (08) 9468 3202


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