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MasterSell Property Sale Packages
Cost to Sell and YOUR Savings

We receive the calls, record buyer details and offer 24/7 live phone answer service and support with all these packages

Property Listed and Sold Price
Local Agent Commission
Includes GST
Local Agent Cost to Sell
Excludes your advertising fee*
MasterSell Fixed Cost

Agent Assisted Private Sale
(Australia Wide)

incl. GST + advertising
YOUR Savings

YOU control the sale we receive the calls with this package
MasterSell Fixed Cost

Agent Managed Sale

incl. GST + advertising
YOUR Savings

YOU conduct Open Home Inspections we do the rest with this package
MasterSell Fixed Cost

Premium Managed Sale
(Sydney Metro)

incl. GST + advertising
YOUR Savings

YOU sit back and relax and we do all the work with this package
250,000 2.2 5,500 977 4,523 2,625  2,875 3,750 1,750
300,000 2.2 6,600 977 5,623 3,150 3,450 4,500 2,100
350,000 2.2 7,700 977 6,723 3,675 4,025 5,250 2,450
400,000 2.2 8,800 977 7,823 4,200 4,600 6,000 2,800
450,000 2.2 9,900 977 8,923 4,725 5,175 6,750 3,150
500,000 2.2 11,000 977 10,023 5,250 5,750 7,500 3,500
550,000 2.2 12,100 977 11,123 5,775 6,325 8,250 3,850
600,000 2.2 13,200 977 12,223 6,300 6,900 9,000 4,200
650,000 2.2 14,300 977 13,323 6,825 7,475 9,750 4,550
700,000 2.2 15,400 977 14,423 7,350 8,050 10,500 4,900
800,000 2.2 17,600 977 16,623 8,400 9,200 12,000 5,600
900,000 2.2 19,800 977 18,823 9,450 10,350 13,500 6,300

*Advertising fees charged by some real estate agents can range from $500 to $5,000 and are payable upfront or upon sale of your property

Agent Managed Sale Calculator

  • Step 1: Please type in your minimum acceptable selling price or price range (like setting a reserve price)

  • $

    to $

  • Cost to Sell

  • incl. GST (low fixed fee upfront)

Step 2:

  • We handle the sale together.
  • You do open home inspections.
  • We do the rest!
  • Includes a “Basic” advertising program and listings on 6 property websites until SOLD, including and (NSW only).


Premium Managed Sale Calculator

  • Step 1: Please type in your minimum acceptable selling price or price range (like setting a reserve price)

  • $

    to $

  • Cost to Sell

  • incl. GST (low fixed fee only when sold)

Step 2:

  • We organise the entire sale from property appraisal until SOLD.
  • Includes a “Basic” advertising program and listings on 6 property websites until SOLD, including and (Sydney Metro only).


The MasterSell system really works! Check these testimonials

“In 2002, I purchased my investment unit in Mount Druitt as a buyer of the MasterSell Private Sale service. After several years and the economy changing, I sold my investment unit in the same manner – utilising the MasterSell Private Sale services as a seller this time…the savings were superb and so was the sale price. Thanks MasterSell.”

Brad, Northmead, NSW | Agent Assisted Private sale

“We were referred to MasterSell services and within 2 weeks we had a buyer for our property for the price we wanted. It was $30,000 more than our existing real estate agent in Castle Hill could get for us, even after they’d auctioned it. Our tailored campaign package was designed for a low cost up-front fee and the buyer was found. We could not believe it. There was nothing else to pay.”

Collin and Dawn , Kellyville, NSW | Agent Assisted Private Sale

“I had eight weeks to sell my property as I was going overseas. I’d renovated my 3-bedroom house to become a 2-bedroom house with larger living area, and MasterSell suggested I provide floor plans showing how easy it would be to convert the house to 3 bedrooms again. I enjoyed doing the open house inspections. MasterSell achieved a 3-bedroom price, found a buyer in 4 weeks and saved me thousands in agent fees.”

Andrew, Loftus, NSW | Agent Managed Sale

“With one advertising campaign, we sold 16 town houses! We sold 60% off the plan using MasterSell services, and by the time we completed and registered the project, the rest were sold. We managed to save approximately $25,000 in agents’ fees. We would be very happy to recommend the MasterSell services to everyone!”

Sam, Mount Druitt, NSW | Agent Managed Sale

“My local agent tried for over a year to sell my house on acreage land. Since the property was in my family for over 40 years I wasn’t in a hurry to part with it until I was happy with the price. In 12 weeks MasterSell sold the property for $30,000 above the best offer we had received from our local agent. It was such a low cost to me. I was so impressed and gave an extra $3,000 to MasterSell.”

Mary, South Windsor, NSW | Agent Managed Sale

“I approached my local agent and thought their selling fee of 2.2% was excessive. I talked to MasterSell, and agreed on a flat fee of $4,000 including advertising and GST. MasterSell achieved $10,000 above what my local agent had estimated, and I saved more than $2,000 in selling fees.”

Angela, Bankstown, NSW | Premium Managed Sale

“MasterSell sold our investment unit in Westmead after several agents attempted the sale unsuccessfully. They also sold our Galston home on acreage to the first buyer for just under $1 million dollars, with one flat fee at the end. We were very happy. The buyer was also happy and treated MasterSell to dinner and presented a $100 gift voucher.”

Sam, Kogarah, NSW | Premium Managed Sale

“I had 2 units in Homebush Bay which I could not sell through a number of agents. I agreed on a selling fee with MasterSell, and said if they achieved a higher figure than expected, I would gift additional money from the sale as a bonus. It took three months of solid inspections. MasterSell sold the 2 units to the one buyer for a good price. I was so delighted I gave MasterSell a $5,000 bonus.”

Tony, Homebush Bay, NSW | Premium Managed Sale

“My townhouse in Georges Hall was sold in 3 weeks for a record price. It only cost me $6,000 to sell plus a professional marketing campaign that MasterSell organised. I highly recommend this service.”

Joe, North Ryde, NSW | Premium Managed Sale

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