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MasterSell is the meeting place for buyers and sellers and the trades and services they need right now.

We put you right in front of the people who are searching for you…our clients are looking for painters, plumbers, gardeners, home handymen, carpenters, interior decorators, electricians and much more.

You can choose how long you’d like to list your ad: just $75 for 6 months or $95 for 12 months.

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  • 6 months – $75 including GST
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    Once you join MasterSell and have set up your account, you can list your advertisement to promote your product or service and receive extra benefits. Your Premium 6 month listing will only be displayed on the website and will include your business name, up to 3 photos, your contact details including links to your website and e‐mail, 24/7 access to change your details and you can choose up to 3 category selections to display your product or service . Your Premium 6 month listing will also be displayed above the Free listings.

    PAYMENT: You agree to pay MasterSell for this Premium 6 month listing upon placement of your order. One (1) week prior to the 6 month expiration date, you will receive an automated REMINDER email that your listing period is soon to expire. You can pay for an additional 6 or 12 month advertising period on the website and continue to promote your product or service, or you can opt to withdraw your advertisement from the website and your advert will be withdrawn on the eve of the last day of the 6th month advertising period as agreed.

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