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1. Prepare your house for private sale

If you want to sell your property quickly and maximise your sale price, you must spend time ensuring it looks its absolute best inside and outside. This means doing all those noticeable maintenance jobs, clearing away clutter inside and outside and giving a detailed spring clean. A property that looks uncared for will send out big warning signals to potential buyers and will ultimately affect your overall sale price.


Visible repair work to the house:

  • Fix dampness or moisture in walls
  • Replace cracked glass
  • Ensure doors and windows are not sticking
  • Fix leaking taps, showerheads and toilets
  • Seal cracks in walls

Clean and tidy the house inside and out:

  • Remove personal clutter including photographs
  • Make the house look as spacious as possible and store excess furniture
  • Consider retaining a stylist if your décor looks dated
  • Tidy inside kitchen cupboards and built-in wardrobes
  • Ensure the cook-top and oven are shiny
  • Minimise items on kitchen bench-tops
  • Eliminate animal and food odours
  • Clean carpets and remove stains
  • Get rid of external rubble and waste materials
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Clean windows and glass doors
  • Pressure clean external roof tiles and concrete driveways

A well maintained garden adds value to your home:

  • Eliminate weeds
  • Clear dead leaves and plants
  • Trim hedges, lawns and edges
  • Remove overhanging tree branches and leaves from gutters
  • Plant some ‘instant’ flowering plants if this will enhance garden beds

Tip: Before listing your house ‘For Private Sale’, allow an extra 2-4 weeks to prepare your property and advertising material