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5. Organise inspections, record feedback and make follow up phone calls

Your property is on the market and the enquiries are rolling in. It’s now very important to record every potential buyer’s contact details and feedback on your MasterSell Enquiry/Inspection form so you have accurate, up to date records.

Record buyer contact details:

  • At the point of entry when potential buyers inspect your property
  • Once we forward buyer details to you
  • When buyers call you directly

Record buyer feedback:

  • After phone discussions with potential buyers
  • After property inspections

Making follow up phone calls

As well as recording all buyer details and their comments about your property before and after inspections, you should note your own comments and thoughts about each buyer. This will help you remember them and make your follow up phone conversation flow more easily.

Tip: Encourage feedback where possible. Use buyers’ positive feedback when promoting your home and negative feedback to make improvements to your property or your sales pitch.

Tip: Recording buyer comments will also help you remember buyers if they contact you again for a second inspection or for more information.

Inspections are an essential part of the private property sale process

You can organize weekend open house inspections or separate private inspections- it’s best to be flexible and offer both.

Weekend open house inspections:

  • This requires a set time and date on your advertising material during your marketing campaign.
  • You can run weekly open house inspections from 30 mins to 2 hours, but try to keep to the same time each week. And be aware that cancelling an already advertised open house inspection is not easy.
  • Advertise your open house times online, on your MasterSell customised property flyers, signboard and directional arrow boards.
  • Make certain your home looks its absolute best inside and outside. Display fresh flowers on the kitchen table along with your customised property flyers and copies of your MasterSell Offer to Purchase form, and encourage visitors to take both. It’s a good idea also to display a copy of the draft Contract of Sale for visitors to examine.
  • It’s a good idea to begin by briefly walking the visitors around, highlighting the property features that may go unnoticed when there’s a large crowd.
  • Your customised flyers will help potential buyers remember your home as they may be visiting several homes that day.
  • Your Offer to Purchase form will prompt shy but interested buyers to commence negotiations, and encourage buyers who did not have the chance to talk with you during the open house. Once completed by an interested buyer, this form will further assist you to understand the seriousness of the offer, particularly if the buyer’s finance has already been approved.
  • Open house inspections require less time and effort but they are hard to supervise. A large number of potential buyers (including inquisitive neighbours) can roam around unsupervised through your home. They may even inspect kitchen drawers and cupboards, so be prepared.

Tip: During inspections, ensure your cupboards and drawers are tidy and lock up any valuables.

Tip: Ask a friend or family member to accompany you during the open house. Safety is a priority and your home will be open to strangers, so make certain you’re not alone.

Tip: If your property is small, it can appear even smaller when a large number of potential buyers inspect at the same time. Individual private inspections should also be considered.

Individual private inspections:

  • A set time and date is not required on your advertising material.
  • There is greater flexibility with appointments for you and for potential buyers when conducting private inspections.
  • Appointments can take as much or as little time as required. They can be easily cancelled, rescheduled, arranged during weekdays, after work, in the evenings and at weekends.
  • Private inspections will help you to decide who the serious buyers are, as this method cuts down the number of people inspecting. It limits them to genuine buyers who are not concerned about the obligation of a private inspection. These buyers usually know what they’re looking for and have inspected many properties. As a general rule they will also have their finance ready, but it’s important you ask them this question during the tour of your home.
  • Private inspections are beneficial to genuine buyers as it allows plenty of time to ask detailed questions about the property and surrounding area. It also allows you to promote the positive features of your home face-to-face and is a more personalised selling approach.
  • Private inspections allow you to assess if buyers are trustworthy before entering your home. You can do this by calling the buyer back one day before the scheduled appointment to confirm they are still coming and that their contact number is genuine.
  • Conducting private inspections can be more time-consuming and it may take longer to sell your property. But, conversely, you may also find your buyer very quickly.

Tip: It is not recommended to allow buyers entry for private viewings without a prior appointment.

Tip: For a higher level of security, allow people outside to see into the property by keeping blinds open during viewings.

Tip: After the property viewing, remember to hand your customised property flyer and Offer to Purchase form to the potential buyer before they leave. Ensure the Contract of Sale is available during the viewing.

Tip: Place your MasterSell Open for Inspection triangle board outside your door before the scheduled appointment time. This will notify buyers the private inspection is ready to commence. You can also place your directional arrow boards at the end of your street and on the main road guiding the potential buyer to your property. Ensure you write your property address in the space provided and in larger letters specify BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.