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9. Vacate house

Contracts are exchanged, the deposit collected and you now have about 30-45 days before settlement when you receive final payment then hand over the keys to the new owner. So it’s time to get organised.

Getting ready to vacate
Ensure you:

  • Clean the property.
  • Remove all furniture and rubbish from the property that was not part of the sale.
  • Leave all the fixtures and fittings that were part of the sale e.g. TV antenna, alarm system etc.
  • Gather any warranty particulars on your electrical and household devices to pass on to the buyer.
  • Inform your mortgage company that you will be paying off the balance of your loan.
  • Disconnect phone, electricity, gas internet and payTV.
  • Settle any outstanding bills.
  • Cancel your house and contents insurance from the date of settlement, and take out a new policy for your new property.
  • Consider a garage sale for any surplus items.
  • Inform everyone you’re moving.
  • Book your removalist.
  • Conduct a final check in all the cupboards before you leave.
  • Turn off power at the switchboard and secure doors and windows.
  • Take five minutes to stroll around the property for one final check.

Final property inspection
One day prior to settlement, the buyer will visit the property for a final property inspection to make sure it is clean and the property is in order.

Tip: A nice gesture for the new owner is leaving behind a note saying “Congratulations and welcome to your new home”, or a gift of flowers or wine.