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4. Advertising and marketing your house for private sale

You’ve prepared your property, decided on the asking and selling price and nominated your legal advisor to prepare your contract of sale. Next step: arrange your advertising material and start marketing your property.

Here’s what you need to do to arrange to get the best possible sale outcome:

  • 24/7 sales support service from MasterSell
  • MasterSell’s eye-catching signboards with website address
  • Multi-photo web page displays on,,, and
  • Open house and individual inspections
  • MasterSell’s customised property flyer
  • The same expert forms we use at MasterSell

To give your advertising a really professional boost, we highly recommend the ‘Total Campaign Package’ which includes these optional extras:

Sales support service

In private house sales, the real estate agent isn’t able to discuss the property with buyers. Our role is to guide you, the seller, during the sales process. We forward enquiries direct to you, then you can discuss and promote your property with buyers.

This service means you’ll never miss a call enquiry – ever! Even if you’re at work or shopping, calls about your property will be answered 24/7 by MasterSell. We forward the callers’ details direct to you via phone, text or email so you can follow up with every potential buyer at your convenience.

Eye-catching signboards

Absolutely essential. Signboards are the silent salesperson working 24/7, and send prospective buyers to your property advertisement on our website.

MasterSell then answers the enquiries about your property 24/7, and forwards the contact details to you.

Multi-photo web page displays

It’s very easy. Once you create and list your property advertisement on our website, your ad will automatically be displayed on,, and It’s that simple.

Customised property flyers

Another essential. You’ll need them for open house inspections, as well as promotional mailings or letterbox drops in the neighbourhood. MasterSell makes it very easy for you to produce your own flyers.

You can:

  • Easily customise your property flyer
  • Print as many as you like
  • Change your photographs
  • Enhance your property description
  • Include your contact details so the buyer calls you direct
  • Edit your flyer 24/7

Expert forms

The best way to keep everything under control as enquiries roll in, inspections are done, potential buyers are followed up, offers are made, and you notify your solicitor regarding an offer you’ve accepted. These are the same forms MasterSell agents use – and they’re very simple to use.

  • Enquiry inspection form
    Record potential buyers’ names, contact numbers and any comments they make about your property.
  • Offer to purchase form
    Potential buyers may find it difficult to make an offer direct to the property seller. This form allows them to present a written offer to you.
  • Notice of sale form
    Once an offer has been accepted, you need to notify your solicitor. This form gives your solicitor all the information required to proceed with finalising the sale on your behalf and preparing for exchange of contacts.


Professional floor plans

Don’t underestimate this effective marketing tool. Professional floor plans are highly recommended for your marketing campaign because they:

  • Help buyers remember the layout of your property after they’ve inspected
  • Help them sketch out changes they might make to the property
  • Provide essential information for interstate and overseas buyers who are unable to inspect in person

A property floor plan is inexpensive, accurately laser measured and professionally drafted. It includes the total property size and room dimensions.

Professional Photography

Good quality photos are essential. We highly recommend professional photography to get your house or business on the ‘must see’ list of potential buyers.

Research shows that 90% of property and business buyers use the internet to search for property and businesses. Your photos give the first impression, so it’s essential to create the kind of images of your property or business that buyers find captivating. Good quality photography is a powerful and vital means of communication and can easily highlight your property or business’s best features in an instant.

If you take your own photos, here are some tips:


  • Remove washing from the line, the kids’ toys and get rid of external rubbish
  • Ensure the lawn and edges are trimmed
  • Choose a time of day where there is little or no shadow being cast
  • Sunset is a usually good time, and you can turn on the external house lights for better effect


  • Ensure the property is bright, well lit and completely tidy.
  • Kitchen and bathroom photos should be simplified
  • Remove all items from your bathroom and the kitchen bench-tops and any other personal items that clutter or cramp the shot

Customised photo signboards

An optional extra. Perfect for highlighting your property features with a photo and description. Just order a MasterSell photo-signboard, add your mobile number AND your photo if you wish, then potential buyers can choose to call you direct.


An extra service we provide for you as a Premium property seller - and a very valuable one. You’ll instantly be included in our MasterMatch system where buyers register Free on our website to receive automated property alerts from sellers. When you purchase your Private Property Sale package, you’ll also have access to our growing data-base of buyers. Where your property description matches our buyer’s requirements your details will be automatically emailed to buyers who then contact you direct.

For more information on the benefits of our Premium sales packages, see Compare the benefits.